Thursday, 1 May 2014

Peas at THE DAIRY, Spring Is In The Air

The Dairy Clapham

Spring. The season of rebirth. Revered by world religions with festivals of joy, hope and redemption: Easter, Passover, Spring Equinox. Even Jedi-ism marks the sacred season with holidays such as Ewok Monday and Luke-I-Am-Your-Father’s Day. And if ever there was a season where the Force reveals, surely it is Spring. Life erupting from the Earth’s very crust, green shoots exploding from the ground to greet the sun’s rays.

London. This city of brick and bustle. Once plagued by the putrid stench of medieval road-side sewerage and smothered blind by blankets of thick tarry smog. But in this century, Spring’s tendrils emerge across London’s parks and squares, heaths and commons, gardens and window-boxes, blossoming into fields of resplendent colour. Daffodils so copious in number that one wonders how local councils prioritised floral park embellishment against such fiscal austerity...
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