About ‘1 Dish 4 The Road’

By day, I’m Aaron, and I work as a doctor in the NHS. But by night..

..I’m still working as a doctor in the NHS (..well that’s the NHS for you!). But at all other waking (and possibly non-waking) times, I’m a dedicated lover of writing and all things food in this blog, 1 Dish 4 The Road.

For me, food isn’t just a combination of carbs, fats, and proteins on a plate, it’s a reflection of ourselves, our families, our communities, our cultures, our economics, our politics, our environment. There’s a story behind every dish we eat, and my blog -1 Dish 4 The Road – explores this, dish by dish.

This blog has evolved over time, but have discovered that I most enjoy fusing food-writing with various other genres. But whether I’m using fiction, poetry, travel or humour – or whether I’m reflecting on religion, diversity, politics or ecology – food remains firmly at the heart of this blog.

I live in London, so this great city is my natural foodscape, from its cafes and restaurants, to its markets and stores. Whether it’s eating in or out, join me for a journey through London and life. Welcome to 1 Dish 4 The Road

If you like to get in touch, please drop me an email on: 1dish4theroad@gmail.com

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